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YouTube Hashtag Landing Pages: How They Help Discover Your Videos

YouTube hashtag landing pages are a thing now.  

Hashtags have been very popular with platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, however, YouTube has never landed on this ship. 

Except now they have finally arrived. Whether it is to compete with other social media platforms, or perhaps to solidify its dominant position. 

Regardless of which, YouTube hashtags are now more important than before. 

In this article, we will discuss what YouTube hashtag landing pages are. And what you can do to have better exposure. 

What are YouTube hashtag landing pages?

Even though YouTube had hashtag pages before. They never used to have dedicated hashtag landing pages nor were they used to work without bugs. 

Now the bugs are fixed and a landing page devoted to hashtags came alive. 

Instead of just entering a couple of words and scrolling down to watch the video with the most appealing thumbnail, and title. Now you can directly land on hashtag pages where only the videos which use the hashtag you entered are shown. 

The YouTube executives say the algorithm of YouTube tag landing pages shows only the top videos first then others. But in either case, it will only display the videos which have specifically been using the hashtag you just entered. 

YouTube hashtag landing pages will also show you the number of videos available and the channel which have made videos under that specific hashtags. 

The picture below will give you a visual hint.

youtube hashtag landing pages

YouTube executives said it will feature the top videos first. However, after doing extensive research on the platform. I found out that is not 100% true. Because sometimes it messes the recommended videos by filling it with a new or mixed bag of videos while the top ones get buried below. 

From a viewer standpoint that is not a huge problem.  

From the point of a creator, this ranking system could be the best thing that ever happened on YouTube. 

Youtube hashtag landing pages benefits

If you read this article and don’t make most of YouTube hashtag landing pages. You are going to lose out on a lot.

Especially if you are a small creator and have been struggling. Now is the time to make videos as many as possible and to post them with real and specific hashtags so that you could get better exposure. 

However, just making a video and putting the hashtag will not be enough. For this, I came up with a strategy which can be explained with the following image below

hashtags on youtube

If you have paid attention the first shot was taken with the hashtag #health. While the second was taken with the hashtag #healthtips. 

What that means for you as a content creator; is that you need to make videos very specific and hashtag them accordingly. 


Because when you look at the number of videos available on a more general topic versus the specific one.

You quickly realize that the general one has way more competition on YouTube tag landing pages. 


Youtube hashtags

When I scrolled down the landing page of the hashtag;  #healthtips, there was a video way down below with almost 9 million views, hundreds of likes, and comments. Yet it was not featured on the top. 

It could be a bug as I mentioned. It could be that the algorithm is not performing at its best. Most like it is because YouTube hashtag landing pages have been just rolled out.

Anyways, this bug could potentially help you get better exposure. If you post now and with specific hashtags on those hashtag pages.

Other Ways of Using Hashtags If You Are a Content Creator

Youtube hashtag landing pages

One of the most obvious ways to use YouTube hashtags is in the descriptions.  Have you ever seen a video where right above the title there are two-three hashtags, or right below the video depending on where you are looking from? 

Those three are the first three hashtags of the description box. Of course, you can add more, but only the first three will show up there.

The other way to use it is by entering them in the tags section. Although this method has been highly disregarded by many of the content creators on YouTube. It is also very useful now that YouTube hashtag landing pages are looking for specific hashtags. 

YouTube Tag Generator 

youtube hashtag landing pages

You can use our free YouTube Tag Generator to find trending keywords for your video which can be used both as tags and hashtags despite their name. It is a rather simple tool to use, which requires nothing more than a general keyword. 

Once you enter this key keyword. It goes over the top YouTube videos relevant to your query and brings up to 20 tags in seconds. Then, you may choose to select the most used and relevant tags.

Then automatically copy the first 500 characters to paste in the tags area of your video. All without a dime asked from you.

Back to the YouTube hashtag landing pages. Besides the tags area, you can write some of the hashtags at the bottom of the description box as we’ve learned earlier. 

Know that regardless of where you enter, the algorithm will find it. So, you don’t have to worry about where to enter for the maximum YouTube views and rankings. 

However, entering the first three that describe the video the best on top of the description; is something that makes it easier for the audience to find out what your video is about before watching it. 

This may push some people away from your content specialty. If they are not looking for the content you are creating. 

However, it will make it easier for other people who are truly looking for relevant content to find it and watch it on YouTube tag landing pages.

So, make sure to use the hashtags more often now, with more care. For the hashtag landing page is a new big change that could bring with itself new influencers and big channels. Just like every other new big update usually does. 

In Conclusion

YouTube hashtag landing pages might be the new addition to the platform. But the idea of hashtags has been around for a while and you are very much familiar with that. 

And with the help of this article, you are now familiar with the hashtag landing pages of YouTube as well.  

Most importantly make sure to choose a specific hashtag that properly and sharply portrays what the video is about. 

Make sure to follow the tips given in the article and use hashtags to get better exposure.

Check out the YouTube Shorts topic if you haven’t still heard about it. 

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