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Curious how a video is ranking on YouTube for a certain keyword? YouTube Rank Checker on Wiz Studio is your chance to see which niche videos perform best. Today it’s competitor’s – tomorrow it can be yours.

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YouTube Rank Checker is YouTuber’s important video marketing tool that helps:


User-friendly experience and accurate results is what sets YouTube Rank Checker from Wiz Studio

No download or signup required

To make it easier for you to access the tool, Wiz Studio eliminates the need to sign up or download YouTube Rank Checker. Anyone with proper internet connection could access it online.

Easy mobile access

The YouTube video rank checking tool is optimized for mobile, tablet and desktop use. The optimization allows easy navigation and fast results. Just make sure you are online.

Free for personal use

YouTube allows you to check YouTube rankings for up to 3 videos per day free of any charges. Tracking video rankings daily helps you monitor the progress of your video optimization.

High-speed request processing

Cloud-based processing maximizes the speed of the rank checker. Just paste the URL link of a video you want to know the ranking, enter a search term and location and get the results.


Copy and Paste the URL link for a YouTube video you want to check the rank. It can be one of your most recent uploads, a popular video in your niche on YouTube, or one of a competitor’s video record.  

Enter the search term (keyword, video category,etc.) Entering a search term related to the video lets the software quickly run through a YouTube video keyword database to bring more accurate results.

Select a certain geographic location you want to see the rank of a video. It can be your country, or anywhere in the world. This allows proper geo targeting and possible differences in the rankings.


Many of you may be interested in how YouTube Rank Checker tracks the rank of hundreds of thousands of videos on YouTube in seconds. While not every tool is the same, the team behind the YouTube Video Rank Tracker puts in hours of work to make sure its algorithm accurately checks a video’s position for a certain keyword in a certain location.

Every time a user enters a query, the rank checker runs through the database identifying the top 50 videos for a keyword provided together with a video link. Selecting a specific geolocation from the drop-down menu, you are able to see changes in the video rankings. This is specifically useful for geotargeting viewers no matter your current location. If for example, you want to see how the same video is ranking for “Makeup tutorials” in the United States and Canada, China, or any other region simply switch between the United States and China. Depending on the country a video rank can differ significantly. By obtaining results you will be able to see if a video’s content matches the audience interests in certain parts of the world, or in your own country. 

With our YouTube Rank Checker you can also try to check YouTube video rank for a different keyword by entering it into a search query box. While a few videos on YouTube hardly ever rank in the top for any keyword, quality videos properly optimized for YouTube search often rank high for multiple keywords. Read more about video optimization or buy YouTube SEO to boost your video rankings fast.


Nearly every service or blog that is focused on YouTube marketing and SEO, has done research on how YouTube ranks videos and channels. Based on data obtained through YouTube APIs, scraping, available study reports, and other methods, Wiz Studio brings up the list of YouTube video ranking factors from most to least important. 

Summing up all YouTube ranking factors, viewers engagement and video optimization are huge parts of YouTube SEO. Simply using YouTube Rank Checker without improving on every aspect of video production, optimization, and promotion is a waste of time.


If you are struggling to get more views and likes on your videos, or have negative comments damaging your reputation, you can easily buy YouTube views, likes, and positive comments from real users. This not only helps you quickly negate the effect but outrank competitors and grow exposure, as people often judge a video by the number of views and likes it gets. On YouTube where 500 hours of video is uploaded every minute getting noticed is hard unless a video keeps people watching, liking, commenting. How do you do that?

Compelling Youtube titles

Make sure the YouTube video title instantly grabs viewers attention. Proven, if you could keep the viewer the first 3 seconds he/she is likely to watch ten times of that – up to 30 seconds. Need help? Wiz Studio creates punchy video titles that make people click.

relevant Youtube tags

Choose the right YouTube tags for your videos. Tags, while are hidden from the users (unlike hashtags) and viewed by the creator only, play the key role in video rankings and SEO. YouTube suggests that thoughtful and relevant video tags make a video easily searchable for platform users.

snappy youtube thumbnails

Make your YouTube thumbnails more than just appealing. Nearly every video on YouTube has a custom thumbnail, but few experiment with bold colors, multiple headshots, and vivid typography.

searchable youtube descriptions

Keep them watching a video by getting YouTube descriptions search-friendly and unique. No more keyword stuffing or generic descriptions. Check out what a good YouTube description is.

video watch time

Work on your watch time. For many of us, watch time means monetization, right? The more high retention views you get on your videos, the longer your watch time is. Start with a strong hook, add video transcripts, and end screens to keep users on your channel.

youtube link building

Don’t hope a video gets viral with no promotion outside YouTube. Post the links to your video on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, build quality backlinks from authoritative sites and try YouTube embed on multiple websites.

engagin video content

Keep posting quality videos to build your channel authority and brand reputation. Watch your audience needs: catch popular trends in your niche, do keyword research, and grow subscribers. Established channels with hundreds of thousands of views and subscribers easily outperform new channels.

Curious how authoritative your channel might be? Use YouTube Rank Checker to see how your videos stand against similar content from other creators. If less than 50% of your uploads are not in the top 50 videos for a target keyword, it’s time to work on your rankings.

Got stuck with your YouTube marketing? Call in Wiz Studio to grow your brand today.

Maximum YouTube engagement and higher rankings is our mantra. Wiz Studio makes every effort to deliver best YouTube services to get the results you need. As creators we keep improving, as marketers we keep growing. Don’t lag behind, join the winners league

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