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No more tricky questions about how a YouTube video is performing. Wiz Studio Engagement Calculator is a practical tool to see how much your audience is engaged with a certain video. No sign up is required.

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Why engagement matters

Depending on what you mean by YouTube engagement rate there are at least 2 ways to calculate it: a single video engagement and overall channel engagement. Most engagement tools and blogs focus on a channel’s overall performance and completely overlook the importance of each video’s engagement rate, which lets you quickly determine your best-performing video, and tailor other YouTube videos according to viewers’ reaction

Engagement Rate Formula

Naturally, YouTube engagement rate is a direct indicator if YouTube users find your videos interesting and worth interaction (likes, comments, shares, and even dislikes), and thus, is the key to higher video rankings, more views, and better channel monetization. To calculate the engagement ratio you need to add up all your likes, dislikes, comments, and shares, divide by the number of views a video receives, and multiply by 100 to get the percentage.


Why Wiz Studio

Or, using Wiz Studio Engagement Calculator, you may simply paste a YouTube video URL link and tap the Calculate My Engagement button to get a video score in less than 10 seconds. 

Serving nearly a thousand mobile users a day, the tool is optimized for PC, tablets, and smartphones. Check out engagement rates on up to three video entries a day. Simple online access requires no download or signup.

Optimize each video for YouTube

Eye-catching thumbnails, punchy video titles, keyword-optimized (not stuffed) descriptions, and relevant video tags are the key engagement factors. Video quality, posting consistency, interaction with subscribers, video embeds and backlinks from authority websites back up YouTube rankings, improve channel’s total watch time, and grow subscribers count.

Track your performance and SEO

The rule of thumb is to track your videos performance daily to see if people are interacting more with your most recent content. Another suggestion is to work on YouTube SEO of video titles, descriptions and video tags, to help the algorithm easily identify what your content is all about and suggest it to the right type of audience


Use relevant keywords in meta tags

The mistake YouTube beginners often make is not using relevant keywords in their video descriptions and titles, or tagging irrelevant or too general keywords. That usually confuses the YouTube algorithm, and a video ends up shown to people who have zero interest in it. Low engagement(if any at all), and rankings further drag a video down.

Thousands of YouTube creators are already calculating video engagement rates to keep track of their channels’ performance.
Why not to check out yours today?

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