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Why Many YouTube Creators Buy YouTube Likes?

Because every YouTuber has different goals, there is no universal reason for buying YouTube likes. Below is the list of common reasons why brands and influencers buy YouTube likes.


  • To kickstart a brand new YouTube channel
  • To quickly improve social proof
  • For a video to appear virally popular 
  • To drive their competitors nuts
  • To improve the visibility of a particular video
  • To attract new views and subscribers

What Do Likes Do On YouTube?

Uploading a video to YouTube, it is important to get a fair amount of likes on it (especially if your channel is brand new). It’s clear that YouTube tends to further promote the videos that the audience is liking. So it certainly improves your YouTube ranking. More organic likes (and rest) appear on your video because of the wider audience reach and improved social proof.  Creating high-value content, and consistently getting a great deal of likes on the videos, puts your channel well above your competitors.

How To Get More YouTube Likes?

Wondering how to get likes on YouTube? No need to bend over backward trying to get more likes on YouTube. And certainly, no need to look for a universal solution, because there is none unless you buy YouTube likes in certain amounts. Yet there are tips that help you optimize your channel and videos to get more likes and views on YouTube.

Watch your camera specs, use keyword search tools like Ahrefs to find YouTube ideas that are not only interesting but easy to rank for, use advanced editing tools like Adobe Premiere Pro or Vegas Pro.

State your primary keyword in the video title and description, choose popular YouTube tags that are relevant to your niche, create catchy thumbnails, and build as many backlinks to your video as you can.

No one would deny that the more real YouTube subscribers you have, the more likely you are to attract new subscribers, generate views and get YouTube likes and comments. Real YouTube subscribers may not only view your video but hit The Thumbs Up button.

Don’t shy away from asking viewers directly to like and comment on your video to support your channel. A good rule of thumb is to reply to all the comments or give those Creator’s Hearts within the first 24-48 hours after posting a video.

If you are already doing all of the above tips and it’s not bringing desired results, you can always buy real YouTube likes from Wiz Studio. All likes are from real YouTube users in worldwide locations. 


What to Keep in Mind When Deciding to Buy YouTube Likes?

  • Promised organic growth largely depends on your channel’s niche, video quality, video upload time, and video’s ranking on YouTube. It may be as steep as 60-80%, and as low as 2-5%. 
  • In 70% of all the cases, the price for the likes is proportional to their quality. Cheapest likes not even worth considering as most of them are scammers ripping you off for bots. 
  • Deciding to buy YouTube likes, shares, comments, or views from suspicious providers, you risk not only to damage your reputation but being suspended by the YouTube algorithm as well. 
  • Even quality engagement may drop over time. Those YouTube accounts who initially liked a video for certain reasons may unlike it later on.

How To Buy Likes On YouTube?

Want to buy real YouTube likes? Placing the order for likes through Wiz Studio is as simple as 1,2,3. The only requirement is to provide a valid URL link to a YouTube video. 


  1. Go to There you can not only buy likes on YouTube but pick other services if you need them by simply ticking off. 
  2. Provide URL to a video. Once a video is uploaded, unlisting it is recommended if you are ordering video title, description, custom thumbnail, or YouTube tags. When you buy YouTube likes, views, or subscribers a video should not be unlisted. Also, please set your account to the public mode to let us deliver your likes, subs, and views.
  3. Pay with PayPal, credit/debit card, or crypto coins. Once the transaction is approved, your order is processed and the likes start appearing on your account.


For maximum effect, buying YouTube views and comments is also recommended. But Wiz Studio is more than just a simple marketplace. A team of social media experts writes titles, descriptions, finds relevant YouTube tags for a video, and helps to build links to a certain video.

How To Buy YouTube Likes Deciding from Wiz Studio?

There’s a simple three-step process. Begin from the Buy Now button at the top, and go a Buy page.

Pick the amount of likes you want on your video

provide the video URL link and a valid email address

Make a payment tHrough PayPal, credit/debit card, or cryptocurrency

Double The Likes On YouTube


Why Do Some People Suggest You Buy YouTube Dislikes?

There is a likes to dislikes ratio on YouTube. Getting YouTube likes in large quantities may look suspicious. In fact, on average for every 100 likes a viewer leaves on a video there are 10 dislikes, which is a 10:1 ratio. It may stretch, all the way from as much as 70:1 on popular videos, and up to 3:1 videos from highly unpopular creators. Buying YouTube dislikes keeps the number of likes in balance and makes it look organic

In terms of SEO, or search engine optimization a great number of dislikes has less impact on video’s ranking than its reputation. Knowing this, sometimes competitors buy YouTube dislikes to harm the reputation of another YouTuber and confuse viewers. In such cases, creators often buy YouTube likes to reverse the dislikes effect. But if you are lucky enough to have no dislikes on your videos, you may think of adding a handful of dislikes if you buy YouTube likes (to balance out the likes/dislikes ratio we mentioned above).

What Are The Reasons to Buy YouTube Likes From Wiz Studio?

  • Manual likes from human accounts
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee (read the refund terms here)
  • Custom delivery (drip feed is available)
  • Secure payment gateway (256-bit SSL code encryption)
  • Consistent distribution of YouTube likes ( at natural speed)
  • Customer Reward System (exchange purchasing points for a discount)

How It Helps When You Buy YouTube Likes?

Of over 4 000 loyal customers who bought the likes from Wiz Studio and kindly responded to a recent poll, 87 percent reported an average increase in engagement by 30-50% within the first couple of months, and double of that within a 6-month period. Another 7 percent of regular customers grew their channels to well over a million views per month, ranking in the top 10 within a niche on YouTube. Here’re some customer reviews you may want to look at.

Where Wiz Studio Gets YouTube Likes?

The likes at Wiz Studio all are coming from real YouTube accounts. Operating a large network of sites with six-figure daily traffic, Wiz Studio promotes customers’ video there through a smart reward system. Liking, commenting, sharing, and watching YouTube videos there, everyone earns a credit to later exchange it. The tracking system counts the number of actions (likes, comments, shares, subscribers, views) a certain visitor performs and automatically distributes those among the orders placed by customers like you. So, the likes are manual and from real YouTube users.


Will Anyone Know If I Buy YouTube Likes?

Not even a single person! We do not sell or disclose customer information to third parties. When you purchase YouTube likes from us, all the order details, as its size, date, billing address, etc., are kept private. Unless you decide for whatever reason to reveal it to your friends, family, or community, you can be sure no one knows you buy youTube likes. Wiz Studio ‘s commitment to privacy is what keeps VIP customers turning to us. 

Making identities of public figures, corporate businesses, and well-known YouTubers would have put many reputations at risk and harm our own credibility. Thus, you can be 100% sure your public profile is safe and order info confidential no matter WHOEVER you are, or where you live, or how much money you earn.

What happens After I Buy YouTube Likes From You?

Wiz Studio order processing system checks whether the link provided is working and the payment transaction is done right. As soon as it is confirmed by machine, delivery team assistants verify each order manually double-checking the system. At this point, if your order happens to be placed incorrectly, the emails are sent to the email address you provide (keep an eye on it). When everything is okay, a confirmation email is sent and the delivery starts in 3-5 hours.

why customers choose us

Likes from Real YouTube Users

FLexible amount of Likes (100-100K)

60-second Order Placement

Easy Order Tracking System

Worldwide Distribution


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