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As YouTube creators, we all know how hard and unpredictable audience retention is. If you are sick and tired of missing on another couple hours of desired watch time, Wiz Studio is here to swap disappointment for satisfaction. Buy YouTube Views High Retention To 10X Your Watch Time and Rank High on YouTube.



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Can You Buy YouTube Views?

Yes, many YouTubers buy YouTube views to boost their views count, improve video watch time and rankings. Although, it is always suggested to let videos gain views on their own, some videos are not engaging enough to keep people watching. Other videos, while being interesting and fun, may not get any views because of niche competitors and low rankings. In other words, even if the content is good, there is a chance a video gets a few views and engagement.

That is when creators start wondering whether they can buy YouTube views or not. 

Although you cannot buy views from YouTube itself, there are many providers offering to buy YouTube views, subscribers, likes, and comments.

Why Buy YouTube Views?

Even though many advise against buying YouTube views, tens of thousands of YouTube creators buy YouTube views for nearly all of their videos. 

Let’s see why influencers and brands keep purchasing views on YouTube.  

  • Real YouTube views boost the video’s ranking and increase its viewership
  • Buying high retention YouTube views automatically adds up to a video watch time
  • More views and higher rankings mean more viewing on YouTube organically;
  • People often judge a video by the number of views, likes and comments it gets
  • YouTube algorithm promotes videos with a great number of views to more viewers

In short, a video with hundreds of thousands of views has 100X more chances of attracting other viewers and potential subscribers.

How To Buy YouTube Views?

Thinking about how people buy YouTube views? Besides third party providers, you can also buy YouTube ads to increase the number of views on your video. International brands like Vimeo, Grammarly, BlueHost, and others are generating a million views on their campaigns through buying YouTube display ads. 

The only minus is that it’s quite expensive and may cost you up to 25 cents per view. Also, buying ads does not guarantee views on your videos since many viewers tend to skip ads or watch it within the first few seconds.  While, according to YouTube, a view is only counted if it is watched for at least 11-30 seconds.

In contrast, when you buy YouTube views from Wiz Studio you are guaranteed high retention video views safely delivered to your account. No password required; simply paste in the URL link of a video and pay with PayPal, credit/debit card, or cryptocurrency. 

Want to try other YouTube services? Buy YouTube likes and comments, or YouTube subscribers.


Does a Video rank higher on YouTube If I Buy YouTube Views?

Yes. YouTube views are taken into account by the algorithm. More views indicate a higher value of video content and audience interest. Because the algorithm’s primary goal is to keep viewers for as long as possible on the platform, a video with hundreds of thousands of views get promoted easier than a video with the same quality content but ten times less views.

When you buy quality YouTube views, your video gets pushed top the rankings, allowing more viewing on YouTube. Compared to other uploads, such a video often appears in suggested videos, driving the traffic to your channel and boosting your chances of ranking in the top for your primary keywords.

Want to boost your video rankings further? Get your custom YouTube video tags, or explore other YouTube services.

Do I Buy YouTube Views From Real Users Or Bots?

The views Wiz Studio provides come from real YouTube users who watch your videos for certain reasons. Operating a large social network of sites, we promote your videos in places where the audience interests may match your content. This guarantees real human views, and no bot or other artificial activity. 


Wiz Studio can easily boost YouTube views providing real YouTube views. Sub-standard services provide fake YouTube views that last for 5-10 seconds and are sure to be removed by the YouTube algorithm as soon as received. This results in big drops and suspension.  

Why risk buying fake views from scammy services, when you can buy YouTube views from real users at an affordable price?

Why Is Watch Time Important?

The hours of watch time are proportional to your video rankings. How come? YouTube has gone on the record stating that the YouTube algorithm’s primary goal is to promote creators who “keep people watching because of the content”. Your content is great already but still not enough Watch Time? This is where Wiz Studio steps in. Like it or not, buying high-retention views in some cases is a foolproof way for a video to easily climb up YouTube rankings.


Are Session Watch Time and Watch Time Same Things?

No, there is a difference between the two. Watch time is the total amount of time people have spent watching a video on YouTube, while Session Watch Time is the amount of time a viewer spends on YouTube during a single session. While Wiz Studio can influence your video watch time when you buy YouTube views, improving session watch time is on you. Improving a single video apparently is not enough to keep people on the platform. It still can be influenced to some extent by adding video elements to your end screens and creating so-called ‘same-topic’ playlists to automatically play your next video, eliminating the need for a viewer to decide on what to watch next. Once in a while, stop by our Knowledge Base to learn more on YouTube video engagement and optimization.


How Buying YouTube Views Can Improve My Watch Time?

 As said above, accumulated high-retention views may significantly impact your total video watch time to the positive side. While many suspicious services prefer not to disclose views watch time duration, Wiz Studio takes pride in keeping customers aware of how long a single view is. Each view lasts between 1-9 minutes depending on a range of factors, like video’s category, duration and upload time, the lifetime of a channel, uploading frequency, subscribers count, etc. Although it is entirely up to you how many  Youtube views to buy, we recommend you get a minimum of 500 to 1 000 views for regular video uploads over the first 4-6 weeks on newer channels. This customized strategy keeps views appearance organic, meanwhile adding your video watch time. Operating larger audiences, established YouTube channels may afford to have bigger amounts of YouTube views spread across their video content.

How To Buy YouTube Views from Wiz Studio?

There’s a simple three-step process. Begin from the Buy Now button at the top, and go a Buy page.

Pick the amount of views you need on your video.

paste the video URL link and a valid email address.

Make a payment via PayPal, credit/debit card, or cryptocurrency.

Time To Boost Video Views On YouTube?

What is the best website to buy youtube views?

If you are getting serious about buying YouTube views, there are certain criteria you should assess each website promising to get YouTube views and other services for you. No matter what a site claims, you should always check it for safety and quality. After all who would want to risk their YouTube channel?

  • Views retention (high retention views come from real users);
  • Delivery speed (fast YouTube views are not always the safest); 
  • Order privacy (if you don’t want the order details going public, see if the provider keeps identities private);
  • Other users reviews (you are not the only customer buying YouTube views, are you?);
  • Account security (never disclose your YouTube password and registration email);
  • Prices and plans (high retention YouTube views are usually priced higher than cheap bot views);

We don’t like to boat but if the real quality is needed, Wiz Studio is the best site to buy YouTube views. You buy only high retention YouTube views from real and safe YouTube users.


Where Wiz Studio Gets YouTube Views and How It Deliver Them?

Because Wiz Studio promises to extend your video watch time, only high retention views are offered. For the same quality reason, only human views from real YouTube users are provided. There’s a logical question where all those YouTube viewers are coming and how the views system works. Establishing a vast network of diverse niche websites, we divert the traffic towards a certain video to deliver our promise. Since the traffic is skillfully categorized and audience interests are taken into account, 70% (in certain cases more) of viewers tend to watch customers’ videos by at least half of it, bringing you a much-desired boost in YouTube watch time.

Any Benefits of Buying YouTube Views From Wiz Studio?

  • High retention YouTube views from human YouTube users
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee (read the refund terms here)
  • Custom delivery is available (drip feed over negotiated time)
  • Secure payment gateway (access code encryption of a user)
  • Natural speed distribution of YouTube likes (on big orders in particular) 
  • Customer Reward System (exchange purchasing points for a discount)

Do I Actually Risk Buying YouTube Views?

Yes and No. There is always an associated risk of YouTube algorithm detection when buying the views from seedy businesses ripping you off. Buying low-quality views from bot accounts of course may be a much cheaper option but it ultimately damages both your brand’s reputation and puts your channel at risk of suspension. On the flip side, buying human views from a credible source (surely a bit more costly way) you keep your account safe while promoting your brand, growing the audience, and moving up the rankings faster than your competitors do. Wiz Studio takes pride in 27 million high retention views delivered over 3 years of YouTube service serving more than 15k customers around the globe. Just to note, channel monetization is better to be switched off over a moment of delivery.   

What Are High Retention Views and Why Do I Need Them?

Getting high-retention views for a particular video is like having a certain number of viewers watching it for up to 150 seconds each. Adding that all up (especially on orders with more than 1000 views) buying YouTube views skyrockets your video watch time by as much as 80-90% on shorter videos and over 50% on longer creations. Extending a video watch time, in turn, lets it rank high within the YouTube search and discovery algorithm. 

In contrast, Normal, or Standard, Retention Views are about 5-10 seconds each, bringing you little value in terms of watch time (even in large quantities). That’s the reason why Wiz Studio provides high-retention YouTube views only.

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