• Go frame by frame YouTube - learn hotkeys
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    How to Go Frame by Frame on YouTube

    How to go frame by frame on YouTube, you wonder? Perhaps, you are a video-making enthusiast or someone who is religiously learning something on YouTube. Yet, regardless of who you are, and what you want to do. For whatever reason, you want to learn how to dissect every frame of a YouTube video.  In this short post, we will teach you exactly how to go frame by frame and even embed a video if you are the type of person who learns from videos better.  How to go frame by frame on YouTube: Steps Of course, to go frame by frame on a YouTube video, you want to make sure…

  • How to see subscription date for YouTube channel
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    How to Check How Long You’ve Been Subscribed to Someone on YouTube

    You are on YouTube, and as always, watching your favorite creator MrBeast (or someone else of your choice). Suddenly, you want to know how to check how long you’ve been subscribed to someone on YouTube, say to MrBeast. So, that you could figure out when you subscribed to your favorite YouTube creator, in this article, we will discuss how you can find that exact thing out and more. 

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    How to Stop YouTube from Pausing – Free Chrome Extension

    You are listening to your favorite music playlist or an hour-long version of a genre you like, and suddenly YouTube stopped playing it.  Some might not find it as irritating to open that page again and hover the mouse over to the YES button and clicking one more time.  But some find it extremely irritating and want to find a solution for it. I, myself, am among those people.  Because it is one too many clicks that we would have clicked if the video didn’t stop.  To stop YouTube from pausing there is only one way that puts it on autorun. 

  • Yes, you can contact YouTuber in 3 ways
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    How to Message Someone on YouTube [3 Ways to Contact Creators]

    If you want to know how to message someone on YouTube, learning about it has become utterly important ever since YouTube has taken private messages out of the platform.  Messaging someone on YouTube though is still possible.  In fact, there are three ways to message someone on YouTube.  We will discuss them all, let us go.  How to message someone  on YouTube: Method #1 For the sake of this example, we will assume you already know about the YouTuber you wish to message. If you don’t know, you can find them obviously by typing their name in the search box. Once you land on the YouTube account,  There are just…

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    How To Reverse A YouTube Playlist [Free Chrome Extension]

    Want to know how to reverse a YouTube playlist?  You have been watching a YouTube video when you suddenly realized it was an important piece of content you want to learn and read more about.  However, you only watched the first video and the whole playlist is an order you don’t want.  So, you need to learn how to reverse the YouTube playlist so that you can watch it in an order of your choice.  In this article we will discuss and explain how you can watch and reverse YouTube playlist with ease and with just a  click of a button once you download the necessary free extensions. How To…

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    How To Make YouTube Videos Private [+ FAQ]

    How to make YouTube videos private? If you have stumbled on our blog. Then you definitely have inquired about YouTube how-tos and particularly about the title of the article.  You might want to know how to make YouTube videos private for various reasons from personal to professional. Perhaps, just to mess with your friends and show them how clever you are. 

  • how to delete a youtube playlist
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    How to Delete a Playlist on YouTube [+ Remove and Save YouTube Playlists]

    There are two ways to delete a playlist on YouTube: through a YouTube Studio and the Library. In both cases to delete a playlist, you should be logged in to your YouTube account. Let’s learn how to delete a playlist on YouTube on PC.  👇  Note, if you are more of a smartphone person, below are the steps to delete a YouTube playlist from Android/iPhone. Method 1: Delete Created Playlist from the Library This is how to delete a playlist on YouTube without visiting YouTube Studio. Step 1: Log in to your YouTube account. Step 2: Go to your Dashboard menu on the left and click on the Library. Step…

  • Change youtube profile avatar
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    How to Change Profile Picture on YouTube [Android, iPhone, PC]

    A YouTube profile picture is a user’s avatar, which shows up on public comments, a YouTube channel, and videos (if you have one). This post will show how to change a profile picture on YouTube on mobile (Android/iPhone) and PC. Without further ado, let’s dive right in. How to Change Profile Picture on YouTube [Android and iPhone users] Did you know your profile picture on YouTube can be changed without changing your profile picture on a Google account? This is one of the most recent changes, as of 2021. Log in to a YouTube account. Tap your profile picture  Go to YOUR CHANNEL. Tap EDIT CHANNEL. Then, tap your profile…

  • Watermark YouTube video step by step.
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    How to Add Watermark to YouTube Video [Custom Watermark]

    Watermarking a video on YouTube, along with a custom thumbnail and channel art, is a part of branding your channel and content. This branding effort in turn, improves channel performance and video’s visibility. If you want clear instructions on how to add watermark to YouTube videos, continue reading this post.  Here is what we cover: How to add watermark to YouTube video Watermarking options in YouTube Studio YouTube watermark requirements Why watermark a YouTube video How to make a custom watermark How to remove YouTube watermark Should you watermark YouTube videos? Feel free to jump right to the section which interests you most. How to Add Watermark to YouTube Video…

  • Bold Text in YouTube comments and descriptions [video]
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    How to Bold Text on YouTube [With and Without Any Software]

    Are you here to learn how to bold text YouTube descriptions and comments? More YouTube comment formatting styles down below. You can make any word, sentence, or a part of your comment or description bold to help other users quickly locate the most important idea. Besides making it bold, you can make it italic, and strikethrough, which we’ll discuss later on in this post.  Let’s get right into how to bold text on YouTube. How to Bold Text in YouTube Descriptions and Comments Now, comes the interesting part – the steps to bold text any comment or description on YouTube (they are bolded differently).  Clearly, this is one of the…