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Struggling to get any comments from viewers despite posting quality videos for weeks? Get a little help from Wiz Studio to better your video reputation and ranking fast. Buy YouTube Comments to boost your engagement and views organically.



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Can Business Channels Buy YouTube Comments?

Let’s first figure out why do people comment on a video? Or rather, when was the last time you commented on someone’s video on YouTube? What made you do so? Perhaps, you liked the video, or the channel in general? Same is with those who opt to comment on yours. Getting a handful of comments on certain videos serves as popularity proof for other viewers. For some, a great deal of likes, comments and views on a video signals quality content worth watching. At certain point, it may even prompt them to take action and join those who have commented. The obvious result of such is your channel’s engagement explosion, which is sure to be credited by YouTube algorithm. 

Why Do YouTube Comments Matter?

Yes. In fact, anyone who wants to use YouTube for business or has a business account can buy YouTube comments. With 2 billion monthly active users, YouTube is one of the best platforms for video marketing. Not surprisingly, multi billion dollar companies like Chanel, BMW, Disney, LEGO, Nike, and others are all having YouTube channels. Along with million YouTube subscribers and tons of likes comes comments, both positive and negative. Because of fierce competition and high stakes companies have to watch how their audiences react to YouTube uploads and brand’s overall reputation. Negative comments on YouTube may impact purchasing decisions and put a brand in bad standing. When you buy custom comments on YouTube from Wiz Studio you not just offset negative comments but create a positive conversation around your brand. Because of the social proof phenomenon, buying YouTube comments whenever a new video is released improves brand recognition, generates more likes and comments organically, and attracts potential subscribers and customers. Note that this only works when you buy real YouTube comments from a trusted provider.

How Many Comments To Buy On YouTube?

Perhaps you are disappointed to learn that there is no such thing as the norm for comments you get on your video. “Enough comments” is a way too abstract notion, which is largely dependable on a creator’s niche, subscribers count, a number of videos on channel, and the frequency of uploads. In general, it is suggested to buy comments on YouTube in small to medium batches once a new video is released, or a channel created. 

But, there’s a general rule: Your Comments to Views ratio is about 5/1000 for most YouTube creators. In other words, for every 1k views there is 1 comment.  Consistently hitting the optimum comment/view ratio may well improve your channel rankings within the search and discovery algorithm on YouTube. If you are still unsure how to buy YouTube comments feel free to reach out to the support.

How Are The Comments from Wiz Studio Differ From Others?

You get real comments for any video on your channel when you buy Youtube comments from WizStudio. What does this mean to you as a customer? 

The comments from Wiz Studio are posted by real YouTube users and never drop. Meaning that the comments you get for a certain video would always stay there. Another important characteristic of YouTube comments you buy is their quality. Both random and custom comments have decent character length and are closely monitored to eliminate spam, offensive, very much subjective, and negative comments to avoid your video being flagged. The text for custom YouTube comments from Wiz Studio can be provided by you, if you have a certain purpose in mind, or if you want to have your comments specifically tailored and packed with certain words. However, we may also prepare specific comments for you if you wish us to do so, which can then be distributed to your video through a targeted audience (real YouTube users) for a certain reward. In the case of random comments, all of those are also monitored to remove unsuitable ones and guarantee the best customer experience. But these are just random positive comments left by the  platform users. Why risk buying cheap bot comments when you can buy real YouTube comments from a trusted source? 

How Random and Custom Comments You Offer Are Different?

Random YouTube comments are the comments coming from a large and diverse YouTube audience. Random comments usually have shorter character length than custom ones, and because of the different audience interests, in some way, occasionally may not reflect the actual meaning behind a video. Custom comments on the other hand, are provided by a video creator himself, and are posted by real YouTube users from their account in exchange for a certain reward Wiz Studio has to offer, whether it is a monetary reward or a discount on our services. Despite the difference in both delivery and roles of comments, Wiz Studio makes sure the quality of both random and custom comments meets the customer’s need. In short, an assigned member of a delivery team monitors all the orders execution (comments orders as well) along the way. Highly irrelevant, negative or spammy comments are prevented from the delivery from the early start, so that once ordered, you don’t risk getting your video flagged as low-value content by others.     

How To Buy YouTube Comments from Wiz Studio?

There’s a simple three-step process. Begin from the Buy Now button at the top, and go a Buy page.

choose the number of comments you want to order

paste the video URL link and a valid email address

Pay with credit/debit card, cryptocurrency, or via PAYPAL

Make People Comment On Your Videos

Why Should I Buy YouTube Comments?

Did you know that buying real comments on a video can push your videos up the YouTube search? It truly does. YouTube algorithm takes engaging content into account to rank it higher, which in turn means your video showing up in the “Recommended for you” section of the feed. Logically, this appearance alone has the power to triple a number of views, likes, comments and apparently shares organically. As the video reach is maximized, channel authority and audience reach begin to grow on YouTube and beyond. Of course, this won’t happen overnight, but channeling the right number of  quality comments towards your videos consistently, steadily lets you ahead of competitors. That’s a trick only a few YouTube creators know. Now, you can take advantage of it too. Why not to buy YouTube comments?


Where Wiz Studio Get The Comments?

As previously explained, Wiz Studio operates an extensive network of certain websites with high traffic. When a high-performance delivery algorithm of Wiz Studio spots a visitor’s curiosity towards a certain type of video content, it instantly shows up a relevant video from a matching creator and offers specific rewards for leaving a comment on it. Because of the relevance of videos the system suggests to hundreds of thousands of visitors daily, it is possible for Wiz Studio to easily complete even bigger orders of comments within a day or so, or over a negotiated time when you opt for a drip feed to make it appear even more natural. Wiz Studio is the only site where you can buy YouTube comments at no risk.

How Do I Know You Deliver If I Buy YouTube Comments?

When placing an order each customer is required to provide a valid email address for which order confirmation letter is sent as soon as the order processing is done. This typically happens within the first 2-6 hours of purchase, but depends on the number of orders in the queue.  Then, the delivery takes its place. Comments tend to appear on a video over a few hours (4-8 hrs in 80% of all cases). 

Transparent and easy order tracking is why customers buy YouTube comments from Wiz Studio. You will get an email notification on every step of your journey: when your order was received, processed, and as it enters the delivery stage. 

But again depend on the queue before the order and on the amount ordered. Having customers’ best interest at heart, Wiz Studio makes sure the delivery is safe and the delivery speed looks as organic as possible, even though it may seem a bit lengthy for an untrained eye. If, however, it’s been 24+ hours and the order seems to fail to start, contact the support team to check back on your order. Although it is highly unlikely, it could still take place. As a side note, there’s a 100% Money Back Guarantee if the system fails to deliver the comments. More on Refund Policy here.


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