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Placing some random video tags, and hoping for a video to rank well in your niche? Don’t! Take the guesswork out of YouTube marketing with the right tags to improve your video rankings fast. 



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What Are YouTube Video Tags?

YouTube tags are a number of descriptive words that help the YouTube algorithm understand the context of a video, and let users searching for relevant videos easily find them. Think of tags for YouTube as your most important keywords that are not only relevant to your video but trending (popular). You surely don’t need a bunch of YouTube tags that hardly anyone is searching for, right? YouTube also points out that “tags can be useful if the content of your video is commonly misspelled”. It is important to know that YouTube video tags are critical for a video ranking. Multiple studies show YouTube tags are in direct correlation with rankings and video views. Yet YouTube also advises against excessive tagging that can be flagged as spam.

How Important Are Video Tags to Rank Well on YouTube?

YouTube tags, or video tags, are one of the ranking factors in the YouTube search. Same as video descriptions and titles, the tags are placed to give the YouTube algorithm a clue of meaning and a niche where your video belongs. Having the right video tags allows it to appear better in the search results when the viewer types in the exact keywords that you sprinkle your YouTube video with. It also lets a video show up in a viewer’s personalized feed as “Suggested videos”, or “Recommended for you” when the videos watched previously by a viewer matches the keywords and the context of your video content. Simply put, YouTube tags help to identify your video’s DNA and match it to thousands of viewers’ goals and interests. As a result of better customization, you have a good chance to gain more views, watch time, comments, shares …and ranking better as your video provides value to platform users.


How YouTube Tags Help Get Into Suggested Videos?

When you copy YouTube tags from popular videos, they help you appear in Suggested Videos right next to those videos with million views. Thus, it is suggested that you put your primary keyword as your first tag. And then add YouTube tags in the order from more to less relevant. If your primary keyword is “cooking recipes” make sure it goes first, and then other similar word combinations like “cooking recipes for beginners”, “food recipes for dinner”, simple cooking recipes for dinner”. Best practices of YouTube tags involve using a mixture of broad and focused YouTube tags.


Choosing popular YouTube tags as your primary tags, you are not only telling the algorithm you have similar content, but letting users discover a string of relevant videos from around YouTube. If the tags for YouTube videos are chosen right and your videos show up next to popular videos in the niche your videos are likely to score a few hundreds of views organically. Yet no stuffing has ever helped. Keep the number of YouTube tags under 15 to stay on-topic.

Where Wiz Studio Gets Video Tags?

Wiz Studio takes a holistic approach to YouTube video optimization services it offers.

When you submit your video URL link, the search team leaps into action. Running a special software (known as Discover Wiz) allows us to run through thousands of same-topic videos on YouTube in minutes. The results of this analysis pop up in the form of a word cloud, which is then dissected and grouped based on their niche and context relevance. From highest impact tags to lesser and more general ones. In the final step, YouTube copy professionals and SEO experts carefully evaluate machine work to make sure everything is done correctly on every stage of YouTube tags extraction. While there are lots of YouTube tag generators around promising to get the best possible tags for YouTube in seconds, Wiz Studio makes an effort to keep the software updated and its team of professionals happy to deliver the promise.


How To Order YouTube Tags from Wiz Studio?

There’s a simple three-step process. Begin from the Buy Now button at the top, and go a Buy page.

Check off the youtube video tags service from the buy page

Copy-paste the video URL link and a valid email address

pay via PayPal, credit/debit card, or with cryptocurrency

Let’s Get YouTube Tags Tailored For Your Video

Why Should I Order YouTube Video Tags From Wiz Studio?

Want to know what ordering tags for YouTube from Wiz Studio today give you? Let’s count!

  1. Up to 3 primary keyword(s) and 20+ niche/video relevant keywords (400-500 characters in total) 
  2. On-time order completion (100% money-back guarantee if we fail to deliver in 12-48 hours)
  3. 79% of those who ordered video tags report 20+ ranking boost, and around 40-50% more views 
  4. A professional and not generic approach to YouTube marketing (Wiz Studio is the ONE and the ONLY service that involves YouTube marketing pros, besides high-power machine. Most rely on machines or tag generators, alone.)

What is the difference between YouTube Tag Generators and Your Service?

Since the tag generators operate pre-set data, they do not have the flexibility Wiz Studio offers. Once coded, the software runs routine tags, in most cases just randomly extracting those from the database. Being available at a small subscription fee, or even totally free, YouTube tag generators cannot be fully relied on. In contrast, Wiz Studio employs a small team of data professionals and digital marketers to double-check on the software and make regular updates to ensure the YouTube video tags data constantly is updated and well-grouped. Try our YouTube tag generator, or place an order for custom YouTube video tags.


Do I Get a Discount If I Order YouTube Video Optimization In Full?

Sure. From each product/service you order Wiz Studio grants reward points which then can be used as a discount on future purchases. Having a bigger order allows for a bigger discount. Usually, customers who order a video optimization in full are saving around $5 on their next order. Loyal customers are given lifetime Wiz Studio coupons (5-10% off) that enables to significantly drop off the price on all YouTube Marketing services we offer.  

How To Copy Tags From a YouTube Video?

Naturally, YouTube tags are not visible to a viewer but only the creator itself through a YouTube Studio. Yet that does not mean you cannot extract YouTube tags. There are multiple Tag Generators, Tag Extractors, and Tag Scrapers that are used to get the best YouTube tags from any video on YouTube. 

While it is good when popular tags are added to a video, they certainly need to match your content and style. Even the best YouTube tag generator not always is able to guarantee you relevant video tags 100%. To get an idea of how most generators work, and why YouTube tags from Wiz Studio are best to use, read What is the difference between YouTube Tag Generators and Your Service?

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