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Tired of seeing competitors consistently ranking above? Keyword – optimized, a high-power YouTube video description from Wiz Studio is here to let your videos climb up YouTube search and discovery rankings from the get-go.



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What Is A Good YouTube Description?

Although there is no universal standard for a good video description, there are general guidelines for a searchable and effective YouTube description suggested by YouTube. When ordering a description for YouTube video (or channel), you can be sure it meets all the criteria. 

  • A good YouTube description, while keyword-rich, is written in a clear and natural way. Wiz Studio makes sure injected keywords do not sound mechanical.
  • Uniquely written and specific to a certain video YouTube description can be instantly recognized by viewers and the algorithm.
  • It skillfully uses relevant hashtags within the description. 
  • It is readable and accurately describes a video’s relevance to a certain audience, topic, or place.

How A Custom YouTube Description Is Better Than Templates?

Even the best templates used time and time again might sound generic. Custom YouTube description written by the team of experienced copywriters, on the other hand, is always fresh and unique. It frontloads searchable keywords to let people discover YouTube videos and make them watch it if they find the content interesting and relevant. 

But the benefits do not end there. They save you both time and money. Of course, you can write a description yourself, but this time is better spend on shooting or editing, right? 

That’s when hiring professionals to write video descriptions comes in handy. You can either hire someone from Fiverr, or similar sites, or simply tick off any YouTube service from and let YouTube pros do the job for you.


How an Optimized YouTube Description Is Going To Help Me?

Along with a video title and tags, video description provides the main message behind a video both for viewers and YouTube search and discovery algorithm. Here’s how YouTube itself explains why an SEO-optimized video description is important: “YouTube is one of the largest search engines in the world. Writing a YouTube description with relevant keywords can help viewers easily find your videos through search”.  In sum, if you want to rank high on YouTube and other search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc., great descriptions that contain the primary keywords, are easily scannable and emotionally powerful is a must.

Do You Write Descriptions For YouTube Channels?

Yes, we do. While many creators prefer to write channel descriptions themselves and ask for video descriptions, our team writes a YouTube description of any kind. When ordering a description for YouTube channel, rest assured we take an effort to understand your channel’s content to make a description not only personal but informative. Yet, leaving the URL link to your channel, we ask that you describe your channel’s mission, and/or list the words that best describe your channel. 

For example, if your channel does gadget reviews, the words you could paste might be laptops, mobile, smartwatch, tech, etc. This lets us know what type of devices is your primary focus.

What Are the Best Descriptions for YouTube Videos You Wrote?

3.5 years of YouTube marketing and almost 2 million YouTube descriptions written by a team of experienced copywriters, digital marketers, SEO-experts, and successful YouTubers. Some of the most effective video descriptions that leaped up to 30 points ahead of their niche competitors are listed below.


How To Order YouTube Video Description from Wiz Studio?

There’s a simple three-step process. Begin from the Buy Now button at the top, and go a Buy page.

check off a youtube video description on the buy page

Copy-paste a video URL link and a valid email address

Make a payment via PayPal, credit/debit card, or cryptocurrency

Get Unique Descriptions To Keep People Watching


Why Should I Order YouTube Description From Wiz Studio?

Video descriptions for YouTube videos are not all the same. Below is how Wiz Studio excels in writing YouTube descriptions for videos and channels. 

YouTube video descriptions are:

  • Keyword-rich – Primary and relevant keywords are skillfully woven into each video description
  • CTR-optimized – Include high power words and emotional component 
  • Affordable – At just $15/ description your video get a chance to outrank its competitors
  • Risk-free – You no longer have to sift through hundreds of freelancers on Fiverr, or elsewhere hoping to get an effective description.
  • Fast on delivery – Get your order completed within 12-72 hours, or get a refund.

Custom – You can drop a link to a relevant video, or leave up to 10 words you want us to include in the notes section at  

What Are Your Services for YouTube Marketing?

Wiz Studio is a unique, platform-specific all-in-one marketing service for YouTube influencers, business owners running YouTube channels, freelancers and bloggers hoping to drive traffic through successful YouTube presence, and entrepreneurs trying to engage with target audiences, generate leads and turn prospects into customers. It is not only the place where you buy YouTube views to increase your video watch time, or YouTube likes to stimulate viewers engagement and channel authority. 

170+ orders for random/custom comments, hundreds of YouTube subscribers, CTR-optimized YouTube titles, keyword-rich YouTube descriptions, custom thumbnails, keyword-specific video tags, relevant video embedding, branded video URL links, and quality YouTube shares are placed daily.

Are There Any Benefits For Regular Clients??

Loyal customers are given loyalty credits (or reward points) to be used on their next purchases, which allow them to get a discount when ordering a YouTube description or any other service from Wiz Studio. They may also opt to collect points from several purchases/orders and redeem those all at once to get even bigger discounts.  Regular clients with a long purchasing history are given lifetime coupons of different values and save up to 15% on their orders. But there are a number of things that does not depend on your purchasing history with us:


  • The treatment each client receives – whether it’s first or tenth time you order a service with us, your order is taken seriously and you receive VIP treatment 
  • The number of products/services available – customers are not expected to order a certain number of services, and a full range of YouTube marketing services (YouTube engagement, video optimization, and Youtube SEO-optimization) is provided to make the shopping experience convenient in case you need more than just quality YouTube likes, or a CTR-optimized video title.
  • The Reward Points – customer credits/points are not only for longtime customers, but for all. Ordering anything from Wiz Studio even the first time, you automatically earn purchasing credits/points, which you can factor in on the next purchase to get a discount.   

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