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If you are struggling to build backlinks and rank YouTube videos higher on Google and other search engines, buy YouTube SEO. We help influencers and brands build backlinks to their videos and drive traffic from search engines. No risk or regret.

What Is YouTube SEO

Nearly everyone who has a blog or any website knows how important web SEO is. Digital marketers spend years to crack Google’s algorithm to land on the first page. They search for important keywords, build backlinks to their web pages, work on the site speed, and read algorithm updates to make sure all SEO factors (on-page and off-page SEO) are taken into account. 

Same with YouTube SEO, to rank a video higher you may need to build backlinks to your channel, consider YouTube embeds (pasting a YouTube video on multiple websites), and work on video optimization. Of course, engaging content and video quality goes without saying. 


Simply put, YouTube SEO, a form of video SEO, is a complex of factors that help YouTube videos show up in the search results on YouTube, Google, and other search engines.

YouTube Video Optimization

YouTube Video Optimization:

YouTube title and thumbnail optimized for maximum clicks, keyword-rich video description, and video relevant tags to help the algorithm understand the context of your video. Because of its nature, video optimization is often compared to on-page SEO you do for a certain website. YouTube itself encourages creators to optimize their titles, descriptions, and tags for keywords to let users easily find them through the search.

YouTube Link Building:

Getting authority websites (domain authority of 50 and over) link to YouTube videos, or embed those in their sites. Since link building is done outside YouTube, it is similar to off-page SEO, which focuses on getting quality backlinks from relevant sites.

Viewers Engagement

Viewers Engagement:

Growing the number of video views, likes, and comments along with social shares and channel subscribers. Creators often encourage viewers to “hit the subscribe button, like, and comment” by simply asking to like, subscribe, or posing a question at the end of a video. A good rule of thumb is to track YouTube engagement rate. You can easily estimate the engagement rate for any video on YouTube pasting the URL link into the YouTube Engagement Calculator.

All-In-One YouTube SEO Services

If you want more views, higher rankings, and better reach, but have no time to optimize a video yourself, professional YouTube SEO packages are for you. Buying YouTube SEO packages you save up to 30%. ❗️ Note, these packages are bought for new videos which haven’t been published to YouTube yet.

Basic youtube seo
$ 39

  • ✅Keywork-Optimized Video Title
  • ✅ Keywork-Optimized Video Description
  • ✅ Keywork-Optimized Video Tag
  • ✅ Custom Thumbnail

  • 20 Video Backlinks
  • 5 Video Embeds
  • 30 Video Shares
Standart youtube seo
$ 59

  • ✅ Keywork-Optimized Video Title
  • ✅ Keywork-Optimized Video Description
  • ✅ Keywork-Optimized Video Tag
  • ✅ Custom Thumbnail

  • 40 Video Backlinks
  • 10 Video Embeds
  • 60 Video Shares
Premium youtube seo
$ 99

  • ✅ Keywork-Optimized Video Title
  • ✅ Keywork-Optimized Video Description
  • ✅ Keywork-Optimized Video Tag
  • ✅ Custom Thumbnail

  • 60 Video Backlinks
  • 20 Video Embeds
  • 90 Video Shares

Why Buy YouTube SEO

Nearly all YouTube creators make videos to monetize their channels and/or build brand reputation and trust. Whether you own a business, want to become an influencer, or make money through affiliate marketing, YouTube is a way to reach new audiences, drive traffic from Google and other search engines to your channel, and generate leads for your product or service. 

200+ YouTubers and companies buy YouTube SEO each month. Still wondering why buying SEO for YouTube makes sense? Let’s clear them all.

#1 Done Right YouTube SEO Makes It Easier to Rank Videos

#1 Done Right YouTube SEO Makes It Easier to Rank Videos

Putting the right keywords in the video title, description, and tags help the YouTube algorithm surface your video when the relevant search query is done. In contrast to similar videos with vague and generic descriptions and tags, and dull title, optimized videos are twice likely to get viewers engaged, leading to higher video rankings.

#2 Higher Ranking Means More Clicks and Higher Conversion

#2 Higher Ranking Means More Clicks and Higher Conversion

Because it is easier to rank videos higher in search results when you buy YouTube SEO, getting more clicks and sales through video marketing becomes real. After all, what can be more compelling than a catchy title, flashy thumbnail, and specific description?

#3 More Engagement Leads To Higher Rankings and Channel Authority

#3 More Engagement Leads To Higher Rankings and Channel Authority

YouTube considers multiple factors to rank or suggest certain videos, and viewers’ reaction to videos is one of them. The more views, likes, comments, and shares a video gets, the more it is likely to top search results for a number of keywords relevant to its content. Consistently getting hundreds of views and video likes help outrank competitors and improves channel authority. 

Note that you could always buy YouTube views and likes, shares, or any number of comments if you need. We keep identities private and details confidential.

#4 Buying YouTube SEO Promotes The Brand Beyond YouTube

#4 Buying YouTube SEO Promotes The Brand Beyond YouTube

Much like SEO itself, YouTube SEO is complex and involves video optimization, building the backlinks to YouTube video, and growing viewers engagement. When a video is optimized with the search-friendly keywords and turns popular on YouTube, it’s probably time for video embeds and backlinks. Building the backlinks to your YouTube video, channel, or website from high authority sites you boost video visibility and its reach.

#5 YouTube SEO Improves Reputation and Trust 

With over 2 billion platform users, it’s easy to see why 85% of marketers are on YouTube. If you are lacking a robust YouTube SEO strategy to grow your brand on YouTube, Wiz Studio is a complete SEO for YouTube service. As any reputable SEO company that puts the customer first, we help you not only build the backlinks to your videos when you buy YouTube SEO, but offer video optimization in full. We write robust video descriptions and compelling titles, and match popular YouTube tags relevant to your videos.

#6 Buying YouTube SEO Saves Money and Time

#6 Buying YouTube SEO Saves Money and Time

While it certainly takes time to get the backlinks indexed in Google, and other search engines,  video SEO helps rank videos faster on YouTube for the relevant search queries. While some companies and YouTubers spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on ad campaigns and SEO departments, buying YouTube SEO from Wiz Studio helps you gain real results at minimum cost with no time wasted on new ad formats and full-time SEO staff. Only buy YouTube SEO when a new video needs a push up the rankings.

#7 YouTube SEO is important For Video Marketing

#7 YouTube SEO is important For Video Marketing 

Watched in 90 languages by over 30 million daily users from all around the world, YouTube is unavoidably the biggest video marketing platform no matter what you are promoting or selling. Be it a one-man business like PewDiePie, or a large corporation like Nike and Red Bull, a profit or non-profit organization, a kid or a grownup, if you are struggling with building the backlinks to YouTube channel and videos, or a website, Wiz Studio is your #1 site to buy YouTube SEO. We make YouTube video marketing easy, safe, and affordable.

How To Buy YouTube SEO from Wiz Studio?

There’s a simple three-step process. Begin from the Buy Now button at the top, and go a Buy page.

From the bundles, choose the YouTube SEO package that meets your goals and budget.

Provide a URL link to a YouTube video and a valid email address on the Checkout

Pay with PayPal, credit/debit card, or cryptocurrency (all major cards and crypto coins accepted).

What Is YouTube Link Building?

On Wiz Studio, you can buy YouTube SEO by ordering a desired number of backlinks to your YouTube video, channel, or website, or buying YouTube embed. A vital part of any video marketing, YouTube link building helps you rank videos higher on YouTube and Google to get more views, watch time, channel subscribers, and bigger profits. Video backlinks are built from authoritative sites with domain ratings of 50 and over. While you can choose any amount of backlinks (5-100), it is best to build the links over a longer period of time (for 60-120 days) rather than getting all at once. 

A common question is whether YouTube link building service Wiz Studio provides is just about building links from sites to a YouTube channel or video. The answer is yes, placing an order for YouTube link building, you get inbound links or backlinks (the links pointing to your video, channel, or a website). 

But we can also build the outbound links from your channel or videos to your company’s website, personal blog, or an affiliate website. Best, it is included in the YouTube video optimization. Simply drop up to 3 links in the Order Preferences section when ordering YouTube description. We’ll wrap those links with a relevant text, optimizing your video description for keywords and search-friendly links. Feel free to chat or drop us a line at [email protected] if you want to learn more about SEO for YouTube we do for channel creators and businesses.

What Is YouTube Embed?

Have you seen YouTube videos played within a website? This is how video embed works. You paste a video code into a web page and site visitors are able to watch it without leaving a website. Embeds can be done for multiple hosting platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, and others, and are used to improve a video reach and exposure outside video hosting services

When ordering a YouTube video embed, you simultaneously have your video on multiple sites while physically hosting it on YouTube. This increases your chances of getting more views and engaged viewers on your channel. You can either order just video embed, or buy YouTube SEO in full adding a certain number of backlinks to your SEO package.


How YouTube Video Optimization Help SEO?

While many creators work on video optimization themselves, many of them admit buying YouTube SEO from reputable SEO agencies as a reliable alternative to hiring independent contractors from around the internet. 


Video optimization for YouTube is done to increase a video’s appearance in search results, which boosts its engagement rate, watch time, channel authority, and rankings.


Because YouTube video optimization is not less important than YouTube SEO itself, Wiz Studio offers keyword optimization for YouTube video title, description, and tags along with custom YouTube thumbnails.

But how an SEO optimized video is better than the one with no optimization at all?

Result Optimized Video Unoptimized Video
Rank higher even for the most competitive keywords with the difficulty score of 70+
Gain high-retention views
Possible, if title is catchy
Rank in the top search results for low-competition keywords
Most probably not
Improve channel rankings
Generally Yes
If engagement is high
More visibility and impressions
Depend on the content
Get in Google search results
Almost always yes
Often not
Get more clicks and higher conversions
Depend on how snappy the title and thumbnail are

It is proven by established YouTubers that a video could easily get 2-5 times more views once it gets into Google results. Of course, there’s more to video SEO than just optimizing your video titles, descriptions, and tags, or thumbnails. But they surely help the YouTube algorithm discover quality content, that is the primary goal of any video optimization that we could help you with. Isn’t it time to buy YouTube SEO to build the backlinks to your channel and videos and catapult your video content to the very top of search results on YouTube and beyond?

Is It Safe To Buy YouTube SEO?

The safest it can be if bought from a legitimate provider. Think of buying YouTube SEO as outsourcing video optimization and link building to a team of YouTube marketers who spend day in and day out researching for keywords, writing unique descriptions, decoding most popular video tags, creating catchy video titles and thumbnails, creating pages and pages of content to build quality backlinks to videos or embed those videos into relevant content. If only organic link building is done through content marketing and YouTube video optimization, isn’t it safe to buy YouTube SEO?

Since YouTube in itself is the search engine second to Google, ranking your videos high results in more views and better conversion rates for your business. Why pay for expensive campaigns or risky contractors, when you can buy YouTube SEO safely and affordably priced?


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