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If your brand’s marketing is failing to drive traffic from Google, Yahoo, or any other search engine because of lower SERP and brand awareness, Wiz Studio is here to build backlinks to YouTube videos to supercharge your SEO and brand recognition.



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What Is YouTube Link Building?

As any link building, YouTube link building implies the backlinks to YouTube videos from around the web. But why bother building YouTube backlinks? If you have a website, ecommerce store, or a blog you probably know that quality backlinks help a web page rank for certain keywords, while letting users discover a web page in search results, and bringing new traffic from the sites linking to yours. Backlinks for YouTube videos work quite similar within YouTube, and search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

How Does YouTube Link Building Work?

When you build backlinks to your YouTube video or channel, you help it rank higher in search results, and also take advantage of driving traffic from other websites to your channel. More views and higher engagement in turn, signals of value content to the algorithm, pushing your video rankings further up the search. That said, this only works for quality backlinks from high domain authority (DA) websites. While there is no good or bad DA score, a single backlink from a site with the domain authority (DA) of 70-80 and higher can be more effective than a bunch of backlinks from the sites with a DA of 10. Domain authority score ranges from 1-100, and reflects the strength of a website against competitors. Higher authority means more trust from Google and other search engines. YouTube link building from Wiz Studio easily maximizes your channel’s authority and video reach. You can check the DA of a website by using tools like Ahrefs or Ubersuggest


What Are The Benefits Of YouTube Link Building?

The second most visited website after Google, YouTube boasts 2 billion unique monthly  users, YouTube is a platform where both influencers and brands grow their subscribers count and budgets by uploading relevant and engaging videos. 78.8% of marketers agree that YouTube is the most effective video marketing platform, leaving even Facebook behind. YouTube link building is a part of the smart video marketing strategy that catches the eyes of potential customers and partners. Buying YouTube backlinks to your video or channel holds multiple benefits for brands and creators.

  • A video ranks higher on search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.);
  • A YouTube channel gains traffic from outside of the platform;
  • A video reaches as many people as possible in shorter span;
  • If a certain website or a place is mentioned in the video and the links are built to it, more people are given the chance to explore your business or affiliate links.
  • Done right YouTube link building is a cheaper alternative to multiple ad campaigns that have little impact on video/channel rankings.  

Tip: For better effect from video backlinks, make sure you link a channel to your website or blog (if any).

How YouTube Link Building Can Help SEO?

As for both Google and YouTube SEO, the more backlinks you have the higher the SERP rankings. More, YouTube video is a powerful way to attract new audiences to your video and grow your brand on YouTube and beyond. Depending on the keyword you are googling, you’re bound to run into 3-5 YouTube videos showing up in the search results, leading to more clicks, views, and subscribers for channel creators. That said, it is important to get high-quality YouTube backlinks to leverage your chances of video content as part of your marketing strategy. Doing YouTube link building the right way, you can not only reach new audiences through SERP (search engine ranking position) but steadily build reputation and trust for your brand.


Why Brands and Influencers Use YouTube Link Building?

YouTube link building services from Wiz Studio are quality backlinks built across various web networks. Depending on the package you choose, YouTube video backlinks may range from 20 to 100, build for a video/channel/website. The links to YouTube videos posted on high authority websites not only help you build extensive backlinks, but connected to your Twitter/Facebook account (optional), improve your brand reputation and save you time trying to master SEO. Don’t you think that this time is better spent on developing your marketing strategy further rather than trying to rank a single video?  

How To Order Branded URL links from Wiz Studio?

There’s a simple three-step process. Begin from the Buy Now button at the top, and go a Buy page.

select the right number of branded url links you need

Copy-paste the video/channel URL link and a valid email address

Make a Payment via PayPal, credit/debit card, or cryptocurrency

Want To Rank YouTube Video On Google?

How Wiz Studio Provides Backlinks For YouTube Videos?

Once you order the backlinks to YouTube videos, the Link Building team runs through a web networks database to pick the sites with a high DA (domain authority) score. As soon as they are chosen, we start building the links from those websites to your channel. Some of those websites are privately run partner sites, and some allow member sites to share the links to video platforms like YouTube, or Vimeo. Before placing an order make sure your YouTube video link is correct and valid, and/or channel has the desired name.  As soon as the YouTube link building campaign has finished, you get notified. You may also want to look at our YouTube SEO services, and learn more how video SEO works.


How To Know If The Links To My YouTube Video Are Built?

We notify every customer when the links to the videos are fully built so that you can see which websites are linking to them. 

The EDT (estimated delivery time) for link building to YouTube videos depends on the number of links being ordered. The minimum number of video backlinks for YouTube offered (20) requires not less than 4-5 days to safely deliver the promise, while 60-100 profile links may take longer (up to 2-3 weeks). 

The confirmation email is sent to each customer as soon as the order is approved by the system and the Link Building Team begins on its processing. As soon as the order is approved by the team and the order details are checked, the delivery takes in. Also, once the order is completed, profile login credentials are sent to the customer, who can monitor, develop, or modify the social profiles created for the purpose of video link building. Placing your first order with Wiz Studio, you automatically create your Wiz Studio account, where you can see all the updates on your orders (the account is secure, and only you have access to it).  You will get an update on your order status, if the delivery gets delayed.

Are YouTube Video Backlinks You Provide Permanent?

Yes. The links to your YouTube videos and/or channel have no expiration date and are not removed or modified for as long as you keep a YouTube video on your channel. Once the links are built you will be notified, and would be able to monitor all the backlinks yourself. Choosing Wiz Studio you enjoy transparency and full control over your YouTube link building strategy.


Is YouTube Link Building Safe For My Channel?

Yes, 100%. YouTube link building is safe because all the links are created by real people from legit websites, which is aligned with YouTube Terms. YouTube 50+ brands on YouTube have partnered with WizStudio to supercharge their link building campaigns over the last year and half since YouTube SEO service took off. We have built over 1 million backlinks to YouTube, helping hundreds of thousands of videos rank higher on YouTube, Google, and other search engines. To buy YouTube SEO, no channel password, or its registration email is required. This prevents your YouTube account from being hacked.

why customers choose us

Full control over created link building accounts (login details submitted to you)

Links can be build to your Facebook/Twitter account upon request (optional)

Easy order placement and tracking through user account dashboard and email updates

Guaranteed on time order completion (on avg. 7-14 days depending on the package)

Consistent link building improves brand recognition and SERP by 20 per cent +

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