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Want to gain a competitive edge on YouTube? Quality shares from Wiz Studio let you grow engagement and steadily improve search engine rankings. With better search results and a wider audience, your video is guaranteed to leave competitors behind. No tricks or months of despair, you could simply buy YouTube shares to gain more views organically.



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What Are YouTube Shares?

YouTube shares, or YouTube video shares, typically are the shares to various social networks done by real people. Of course, there are multiple services selling cheap YouTube shares from bot accounts, but they are sure to bring more harm than good. Real shares on YouTube not only help increase video’s rank and exposure, but get more views and subscribers organically. If you are looking to grow your YouTube channel, promote a small business, or generate tens of thousands of views, buying YouTube shares is the fastest and most organic way to reach your goals. Watching your videos, viewers can share the links to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Quora, and any other public mediums, or send the URL link to your video or channel in emails or private messages to people they know. If they click on the link and land on your channel, you are likely to gain X times more views, and perhaps, channel subscribers. Still not sure why millions of creators buy YouTube shares? Read customers feedback to see in what way it helped improve their YouTube stats.

How To Get More Video Shares On YouTube?

If you are interested in boosting your video shares count fast, the best way is to buy YouTube shares. But if buying shares seems too risky or expensive, there are tips to get more video shares with a bit of effort on your part. 

  • Cross-promote YouTube videos on other social networks
  • Make video titles clickable (use keywords, brackets, etc.)
  • If you have a blog or a website, embed your videos there
  • Ask viewers directly to like, share, and comment on videos
  • Write keyword-rich and informative video descriptions
  • Master YouTube thumbnails to boost your click-through-rate 

If you need a YouTube description or other YouTube services, feel free to explore services from the menu at the top, or chat with us. Wiz Studio a complete solution for YouTube marketing.


How important Are Social Shares For YouTube SEO?

Since the early days of YouTube, social shares a video gets have been a clear signal of quality content. While the number of shares is hidden from viewers (unlike the likes and comments) and is only visible to the creator through the YouTube Analytics dashboard, the algorithm considers shares as one of video ranking factors as well. Also, every share a video gets counts towards YouTube views count. Simply getting 10 people sharing your video to social networks, you gain 10 views. Many influencers and social media studies show a positive correlation between the number of YouTube shares and video rankings. YouTube itself encourages creators to upload videos that “get people talking and sharing”. Think of YouTube shares you buy as viewers not only watching your videos (and getting you views) but also collectively kicking up your video rankings. How good is that?

What Are The Benefits of Buying YouTube shares?

Buying YouTube video shares is not a universal engine that pushes you up the rankings as most providers declare. Although not as frequently bought as YouTube views, or likes, YouTube shares can really help the algorithm discover high value video content. In that sense, YouTube shares serve as a clear “great video!” indicators that viewers not only watched and liked, but pushed the URL link to other people to see. More social shares would also mean a greater exposure and wider reach, letting new businesses and startups not only generate leads, but ultimately turn video clicks into paying customers. As part of video engagement, buying shares on YouTube helps creators beat their niche rivals.  


How To Buy YouTube Shares from Wiz Studio?

There’s a simple three-step process. Begin from the Buy Now button at the top, and go a Buy page.

Pick the number of youtube shares you want to order

Provide the video URL link and a valid email address

Easily pay via PayPal, credit/debit card, or cryptocurrency

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Is it safe to buy YouTube shares for my video?

Yes. No harm is done to a video through YouTube shares package when purchased from the right source. Quality shares are neither bad for your video nor your channel in general. That said, make sure the service you buy YouTube shares from is not asking for your login credentials, and abides by the simple data encryption rule to guarantee you a safe and secure delivery. As a close community of tech specialists and brand marketers, Wiz Studio places a big emphasis on customer’s privacy, and makes regular updates in pace with YouTube algorithm updates. To keep all the data secure 254-bit encryption and other security measures are applied.

Where Wiz studio Gets The Shares?

Same as with YouTube views, likes, subscribers, and comments, the shares are coming from a large network of sites, social communities and discussion groups, members, and visitors of which are shown matching video content. In an incentive-for-action manner, visitors with YouTube accounts are welcomed to share a video with the preferred social network. Those who share a video earn credits to later redeem those for various services, subscriptions, gift cards, or coupons. The tracking system counts the number of actions (likes, comments, shares, subscribers, views)  performed by those people, and automatically tracks the number of distributed shares, likes, etc. When one order is being completed, the next in the queue takes its place. No risk or regret when you buy YouTube shares from Wiz Studio.

How Buying YouTube Shares Help Video Rankings?

YouTube shares along with YouTube likes, views, subscriptions and comments, as quality content’s primary indicators, help the YouTube algorithm discover and level up a worthy content. When you buy YouTube shares on your videos consistently, it may not only improve your video search results and rankings (for the target keywords, aka video tags) but ultimately drive your channel’s authority and let you grow your brand. Since YouTube shares come from various YouTube accounts and are shared with different social networks, they are likely to maximize your audience reach and improve your brand’s recognition.    

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