Embed Your YouTube Videos into Relevant Blogs To Drive Traffic to Your Channel and Turn Leads into Customers

Looking to extend your reach on YouTube and beyond? Content relevant video embeds increase the chances of your video being watched, and brand’s message getting across. This, in turn, brings in new clients and deals to your business. 


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What Does It Mean To Embed YouTube Video?

Want viewers to watch your videos outside YouTube? Embed YouTube video elsewhere on web networks(preferably high authority blog posts, forums, or social media). When a video is embedded the user can watch it without going to YouTube.

The video is physically hosted on YouTube, but can be watched in blogs or other mediums where it is embedded. This is done through a video-specific YouTube embed code, which is pasted into the HTML of a web page. 

Because of implied video’s relevance to web content, viewers are twice are likely to watch it. 

If you have your own website or blog, embed YouTube video there to drive video views from everywhere, or simply order YouTube embed from Wiz Studio. You get the link to your video, a brief mention of the video’s message within the content of a page, and a video embed.

How Video Embedding Actually Works?

YouTube embeds benefit both the blog where the videos are embedded, and the videos themselves. Relevant videos add the content dynamics, making them unique and engaging. For the same reason, embedded videos are 20-30% more likely to be watched within a written content, bringing in high-quality (high-retention) views. Also, since there’s no need for a reader to go to YouTube to watch a single video (as in the case with the links for YouTube videos), embedded videos tend to engage and convince viewers more, resulting in higher click-through rates and higher conversions. Another thing to note, because the audience interests tend to match the video’s context, quality video content gets noticed. 


Who Needs YouTube Embed?

When you embed YouTube videos on multiple websites, you make it easier for viewers to watch your videos outside YouTube. Typically if a video content is good, it not difficult to get users to watch it. 

Because of a whooping 500 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute, most videos get lost with little to no views, likes, and comments. While you can always buy YouTube views and likes, not everyone knows YouTube embed can also be ordered. 

YouTube video embed is ordered by both YouTubers and brands to give their video marketing campaigns an organic boost. As a great way to attract more views outside YouTube, video embedding is a powerful tool to improve brand recognition and channel authority.

Is YouTube Embed Safe For My Channel?

Absolutely. Not only it is safe, but it is an important aspect of external link building and YouTube SEO. In fact, YouTube embed is encouraged by the platform itself. 

Embedding quality video content into relevant blog posts, websites and community threads allows a YouTube video to gain more views and engagement while boosting your channel’s promotion, driving the traffic to the company’s website (if any), and turning leads into customers. The uniqueness of Wiz Studio video embed services is that it offers both contextual links to your channel/video and video embedding. This, alongside a brief video description within the post, is a chance to maximize the relevant backlinks pool to your content.     

 What’s more, when placing an order for a video embed with Wiz Studio, nothing else is required than just a URL link to your video. Because no login or password is needed, you do not risk being suspended or hacked.

How To Order YouTube Video Embed from Wiz Studio?

There’s a simple three-step process. Begin from the Buy Now button at the top, and go a Buy page.

FROM THE BUY PAGE​ Choose the number of video embeds you need

Copy-paste the video/channel URL link and a valid email address

make a paypal transaction, or use credit/debit card, or cryptocurrency

Want To Have Videos On Multiple Websites?

What is better for YouTube SEO: video embedding or link building?

In true sense, video embedding is a part of the link building strategy since it incorporates the video link into the post. Both video embedding and YouTube link building are the two essential components of YouTube SEO. They both hold their value for your video/channel promotion. 

While backlinks for YouTube videos from around the web help you save time on filling out multiple forms and boost your video rankings, YouTube embed is strategic for higher engagement and brand recognition. In general terms, the ultimate goal of video embed and video backlinks is to let others know a great piece of video content exists, which is done either through the search engine results or YouTube algorithm. 

What Are The Benefits of YouTube Embed?

The benefits of YouTube video embedding services are as follows:

  • Improved brand recognition and video rankings;
  • Better search engine results for a certain video;
  • High converting potential (leads into clicks/customers);
  • Improved appearance in the YouTube search results;
  • More video views and better total watch time;

Where Wiz Studio embeds my YouTube video?

Depending on your video content, YouTube videos are embedded in relevant blog articles, social media posts, and community threads. As an exclusive all-in-one YouTube SEO service, Wiz Studio operates an extensive network of diverse blogs, communities, and groups. When placing the order for video embedding service, a team of content marketers and brand strategists discusses potential places for YouTube embed and picks the most relevant ones. Then, as the posts are chosen, content strategists connect to the editors and/or blog owners to make sure they take a look at the video. In most cases, the blogs that publish relevant articles (and where the videos are going to be embedded) are Wiz Studio partner blogs. Each time you place an order for YouTube embed, you can be sure it is done within a relevant piece of content that matches your video’s purpose. The best part of video embed from Wiz Studio is that you get not only a video embedding, but a brief video description and a URL link to your video/channel at the same time. 

How Many YouTube Video Embeds Wiz Studio offers?

There are up to 10 YouTube embeds per single order (which is enough for the majority of our customers). If you still want to have more YouTube embed, you may reach out to us before placing an order to customize the number of video embeds in it. The support team is available 24/7 and tries to address any existing questions regarding the order size or its delivery. As an alternative, it is also possible to place the two consecutive orders for the same video twice if the desired number of embeds exceeds 10 in total. In this case, make sure your second order is not mistaken by the processing team by leaving a quick note in the Order Preferences section on the Buy page.


why customers choose us

YouTube videos are embedded into relevant posts, based

A brief video description in the posts, and URL backlinks

Easy order placement and tracking through user account

Guaranteed on time order completion (on avg. 7-30 days

On average 30% more high quality views and boost in

customer reviews

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