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    How To Block Someone On Youtube: 5 Simple Ways To Block A Troll

    Youtube is a great platform to make your content visible to the public and grow your brand. But it can also be a very toxic place where people vent off their frustrations in the form of hateful comments or shower your comment section with spam. In order to avoid this unpleasant experience, here’s how to block someone on Youtube.  Here are simple ways how to block someone on Youtube using different devices.  How to block someone on Youtube using a computer? Step 1: Launch your Youtube and go to the profile of the user you want to block. Step 2: Then, click on the ‘About’ button. Step 3: Find the…

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    How To Message Someone On Youtube: 3 Simple Ways To Contact Youtubers

    In 2018 Youtube discontinued private messaging to focus on other features like the Stories feature that was launched the same year. However, there are still several ways for you to get in touch with your favorite YouTuber. Are you looking for how to message someone on YouTube? There are three simple ways you can do that.  1. How to message someone on Youtube using business inquiry email? Even though the platform got rid of private messaging, business inquiry emails became a substitute for Youtube messages and provide a solid way to connect creators and viewers. Here’s how to send a message on Youtube using business inquiry emails: Step 1: Open…

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    How to Record on YouTube TV: Quick Guide [+ Screenshots]

    Wondering how to record on YouTube TV? Well, let’s take this off your plate. This guide will walk you through what YouTube TV DVR limit is, how to use YouTubeTV DVR (digital video recording) whether you want to record a show, sports, or a movie. Let’s start with a brief look at the questions you may have about YouTube TV, Live TV streaming, and its DVR feature. How many people use YouTube TV? How YouTube is different from YouTube TV? What YouTube TV channels do I get? How much is the charge for YouTube TV? Is YouTube TV available in all countries? Facts to know before recording YouTube TV YouTube…

  • Private or Unlisted: which settings to choose on YouTube
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    YouTube Private vs Unlisted: Which One Should You Use?

    To make YouTube videos private, or to make them unlisted? That’s a big Privacy question we want you to learn in this post. Read along to know if YouTube private vs unlisted is best for your videos and why.  But before we list any examples when making a video private is better than unlisting it, let’s see what YouTube suggests. Once a new video is ready for upload you can choose who you want it to watch under the Visibility tab from a Studio dashboard. All videos you upload to YouTube are public videos by default.  However, you can change your preferences by restricting viewer access to certain videos, while…